Magdalen College JCR


Christmas Vacation Hall Arrangements

Saturday, Dec 10 2016

Thanks to Denise "Catering Administrator" Todd, the vacation Hall/OKB schedule is available here (downloads a word document).

MCHC Promotion

Sunday, Nov 20 2016

Following a 5-nil win, Magdalen College Hockey Club will no longer be in the bottom division of college hockey, starting Hilary 2017. The division clinching match was a hard-fought 25 minute battle between Magdalen's eleven men and a sub and St. Anne's side, short two outfielders and a keeper. The match lasted only 25 minutes because St. Anne's gave up after conceding 5 goals and scoring none in the first half.

Magdalen's goals were scored by Ben "Stickhandler" Anketell, Winston "Wasteman" Wright, Monica Davies, and a Corpus player on loan.

Shoutout to Ryan Hoyle, who played for Anne's to make the match a bit fairer, and to captain D J Clarke, who is just generally a legend.

Magdalen Finishes Second in Swimming Cuppers

Saturday, Nov 19 2016

2016 has been a year full of surprises. While a good handful correctly predicted Donald Trump's presidency, some committed supporters had bets on Leicester City to win the league, and a few even had hope that MCFC might win a match, I've yet to meet one person who foresaw the end of Magdalen's swimming cuppers reign of terror. Indeed, other competitors are perpetually terrified that their skill might be overcome by Magdalen's superior numbers.

Commendable performances from captain Katie "sea bream" Neame and Michal "Michal Bock" Bock, among others.

Freshers' Karting Triumph

Friday, Nov 18 2016

Magdalen's go-kart firsts take a decisive victory in freshers' karting, finishing four laps ahead of second place in a grueling two hour endurance competition. The team, composed of Henry "Lankmeister" Bradley, Winston "Wachinga" Wright, Ben "Skidmark" Anketell, and Bartosz "Danzig Demolisher" Ekiert, was composed purely of second years, despite the misleading name of the event.

A surprise visit from rapper Drake of Hotline Bling fame livened up the victory celebrations, but the real afterparty can be found on Hythe Bridge Street on Thursday.

MCFC wins a match

Saturday, Nov 12 2016

Magdalen College Association Football Club has wrenched its first firsts victory in over a year from the feeble hands of St. Peter's College Football Club in the first round of cuppers.

After a heroic performance from Sam "The Storming" Norman, Nathan "Yank" Chael, and only eight other legends, Magdalen emerged victorious, three goals to one.

Despite both the elements and the opposition supplied referee conspiring against us, nothing could stop our Barcelona-esque onslaught.

There will be a victory procession, complete with open top bus, parading through St. John's quad to kick off the next bop at 9pm on Saturday.