St. Swithuns Quad 6

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3"Definately the most sought after room in the third year haven that is S.S 6... big fireplace, wood panelling, gets the sun for most of the day (when there actually is any sunlight) and a great bay window with a view out over the quad and towers. Quiet, but not too isolated, good drop in location for all your friends on the way to and from Library Fun. Only problem with that staircase in general is that all the doors are broken and slam loudly in the middle of the night. And the toilet is shared between 6 of us. Nice." yesnono
4Some people find the light in my room inadequate at the desk. For me, its fine and I have had this room for two years. As the main window is to the right of the desk and elevated it provides undistracting rooftops of Longwall street (nice sunsets in summer) and direct sunlight only mid-late afternoon, not perhaps the warmest of rooms, but that does keep it cool in summer. Only noise "problem" is the gate beside the library and the banging of the library door at night; I have not found this to be a problem, however; during the day its really quiet. yesnono
6Good view over Longwall quad, from library round to late gate. West-facing so very little direct sunlight. Windows double-glazed so not much noise. Easy access to shower (one floor down) and toilet (same floor). Lots of wall space for posters etc. Fitted bookcase with lots of shelf and cupboard space.yesnono
7My room has a really good ceiling, which is something youll notice if you ever get carried out horizontally, this has happened once or twice in my tenancy. It is a large room - this was a problem for me, because I never knew what to do with it. TIP: Do not just pick a big room Willy-Nilly because you think you ought to. THINK. Do you actually own any possessions ? If not then this room is not for you. Many of you will come from homes where possessions are not considered the Be all and End all, and I am as guilty as anyone of a Minimalist Dont-Care attitude, but remember, a minimalist in an open field is about as much use as a squirrel in a fishpond. It also has fitted wardrobe space and a really nice sink. yesnono
8view: over longwall quad noise: relatively quiet lighting: quite dark, although i have not found anywhere in college that does not have that problem. other stuff: large fitted bookcase with unadjustable shelves which is really nice but they are not big enough to fit A4 files in, which is annoying. i keep mine on the window seat. wardrobe is good. ethernet socket is 4m from desk which means you need a longer than normal cable if you have a desktop computer. small window high up above bed - too high to reach to open, & string to open / close curtains jammed yesnono
9Large room on the top floor facing Longwall quad. Fairly large bay window. Large fitted cupboard/shelves. Plenty of storage space. Very quiet, nicely decorated. lovely stone fire place with metal grate. gets the sun in the afternoon. Not as nice a view as those on the other side of staircase, but slightly bigger. _______________________________________ The best thing about this room is the large bay window with a window seat looking over Longwall Quad. It's a bit larger than the rooms on the other side of the staircase, but isn't as stylish. It has absolutely masses of storage space and gets light for most of the afternoon, although it can be quite dark in the mornings. The double glazing cuts out most of the traffic noise from Longwall St, but the walls are thin, so make sure you have sympathetic neighbours. The worst thing is that the showers and (reasonable size) kitchen are all down two flights of stairs. A good bet if you're near the bottom of the third year ballot. yesnono
10The tortoise in this photo is purely for illustrative purposes and it should be noted that this room does not include a tortoise or any related JCR mascot.smallish, second floor room, with original features, fireplace, wooden cubbyholes, real glass window with curtains and everything (all colour coordinated too...)! Best view in college (looks out on swithun's side), and arguably the whole university. Warm, sunshine in the morning, pigeons nesting up the chimney, ideal for the second time balloter. A quiet staircase in a pleasing, old fashioned locality, pluses include a choice of two showers, a walk-in jacuzzi thing, a kitchen, and your very own laundry (oh, and a full length mirror on the first floor landing). On the down side, the main light is orange, and it can be dark at night-time. yesnono