2 Longwall St.

number  image    descriptionbasinreceptionbathroomnotes
1No ImageAn ensuite single room on the ground floor near the laundry and kitchen.yesnoyes
2No ImageEnsuite Single room on ground floor near laundry and kitchen.yesnoyes
3No ImageClavinova Ensuite Single room on ground floor near laundry and kitchen. Only ground floor room facing on to longwall street.yesnoyes music room
4No ImageEnsuite Two room set on ground floor near laundry and kitchen. yesyesyes
5No ImageEnsuite Single room on ground floor near laundry and kitchen. Wheelchair access.yesnoyesBig desk Quite big room Decent amount of storage space It's new and fairly clean but some people are put off by the lack of character. Things to note: Have to hug window to get mobile signal and have mobile on windowsill to get texts come through Can't move any of the things in the room (desk, wardrobe) due to built-in desk Not alot of light as this is ground floor in a quad of high buildings Route to front door is via window but this isn't too bad as you get used to people going past/looking in. Just have to remember to close curtains when nude! Some people find my room quite hot as the radiator in the bathroom can't be switched off manually but it's okay for me. You're near the kitchen which could be either good or bad. Not far to carry food and can go back to room if you're cooking something that takes a while, but also means you can hear most stuff happening in there.
6No ImageEnsuite Single room on ground floor near laundry and kitchen. Wheelchair access.yesnoyes
7No ImageEnsuite Single room on first floor faces into the yard away from longwall street.yesnoyes
8No ImageEnsuite Single room on first floor faces into the yard away from longwall street.yesnoyes
9No ImageClavinova 1st Floor 2 Room set with Ensuite facing onto longwall street.yesyesyes music room
10No ImageOutside college but with view into longwall quod. the traffic outside can be a bit annoying especially if you want the windows open when its hot. but generally a great roomyesnoyeshot powerful shower and big sinkBig and spacious with brilliant new furnishings. the desk is really big. small wardrobe.
11No ImageSingle room no ensuite but shower and toilet facilities on the same floor. Faces onto Longwall street.yesnono
12No Image2nd Floor 2 Room set facing onto Longwall street. Ensuite.yesyesyes
13No Image2nd floor, quiet, sharing a small stair case with room 12. a single ensuite room, faces longwall street.yesnoyes
14No ImageSingle room with no ensuite faces Longwall street.yesnono
15No Image1st floor room. Shower and basin but not ensuite toilet. Faces Longwall Street.yesyesyesThe main room has loads of desk, shelf and drawer space, but the wardrobe isn't really big enough. It's a good room, though really tall people may have trouble since it has a quite low ceiling. The bedroom/bathroom has a sink, a shower, a bed and a bedside table, but not much space for anything else. The shower is really useful, but you may need to shut the curtains, since the 1st floor is at the same level as the double-decker tourist buses. Speaking of bathrooms, there are 3 toilets within about ten feet of the room, so no trouble there.
16No Image2 Room set, but without the door in the middle,long and narrow so a bit like a tram. 1st floor with handbasin and no ensuite. Bathroom with shower nearby. Quite nice anc cosy. Faces into longwall street, people in dubledeckers exactly at your eye level might be scary.yesyesnoHas amazingly huge desk for piles of work/books/food/cloths and decent amount of storage space underneath it (drawers mainly). The walls just need posters, especially above the two faked fireplaces. Ceiling is quite low and the floor can be squicky but there is only scout's pantry and loundry room underneath.
17No ImageEnsuite 2 Room set facing into the yard away from Longwall.yesyesyes
18No Image1st floor room. Shower and basin but not ensuite toilet. Faces away from Longwall Street onto yard.yesnono
19No Image1st floor room so not too many stairs to climb when moving in and not too far if you need to carry things to the kitchen. It faces into the courtyard so although it doesn't have a very spectacular view, it is quiet with virtually no traffic noise when the window is shut. It has a shower, which is reliable, a sink and there are toilets nearby so it isn't really much inconvenience not actually having one in the room. It is one of the smaller rooms in 2 Longwall but there is still plenty of storage, large desk etc. so there should be a place for everything. Also, unlike some of the rooms on the 2nd floor, it isn't too hot - there is a controllable radiator if you do like it warmer, but it's a comfortable temperature with it switched off. It isn't a particularly light room but you are supplied with desk lamps and suchlike which are more than enough. Plug sockets, ethernet point and phone point are in sensible places. Only slightly annoying thing is that the fridge doesn't stay cool when its in place and needs to be pulled out to let it work. Other than that, a very pleasant room.yesnoyes
20No ImageEnsuite room 2nd floor room, faces away from longwal onto yard. Has a sloping roof so may not be perfect for tall people.yesnoyes
21No ImageThe plans changed slightly as it was being built, so that now there is a small bed 'area' not really proper room as no door and 'area' just big enough for bed and bedside table. It is still fully ensuite. Here is the room description: The room is on the second floor, bit of hassle for moving in and out but great because you get a really nice (south facing so bright too) view into college - of deer park, longwall and library. The main room is good size, although could do with sofa. Good Bits: THE DESK IS BRILL - one of the biggest in college, masses of room for computer and books and kettle and phone, good for finalist. Separate bedroom and decent sized bathroom. Brand new and has wannabe fireplace too (good to have matlepiece). view, good control of heating, thick curtains good for the weekend lie in. Lots of storage space for books and loads of clothes drawers Bad Bits: Windows have security locks can't open v. wide. TINY cupboard : hanging space for about 14 hangers. Kitchen is a hike. It's out of college. (but all you see out the window is college so it does feel like you're in it really). Ceiling a bit low - but makes it cozy. Conclusion: A good room i think, Rooms wise would make my top 20 list in whole of college, only real draw back is it's not in centre of college. Always a solid choice.yesnoyes
22No Image2nd floor room. Handbasin only. Faces over Longwall Street.yesnonoSmaller room that most in the building but still nice especially the view out across Longwall Quad. Quite a hot room ,but the lack of ensuite is countered by fact the everyone else on the corridor does so the communal shower is basically yours. Large desk as in all longwall rooms is huge advantage. One annoyence is the sink that gargles at stupid times. Also if your 6' plus the door is smaller than others so you may bang your head.
23No Image2nd floor. Two room set with shower and basin (no toilet). Overlooks Longwall.yesyesyes
24No Image2nd floor room. 2 Room set with Ensuite. Shower room is directly above the set. Access is via a staircase in the room. The staircase is not overly large and nor is the entrance to the shower room. This may therefore not be the best room for vertically advantaged people. yesyesyes
25No Image2nd floor 2 Room set. Sloping roof with dormer windows. Ensuite bathroom. Faces away from Longwall street.yesyesyes
26No ImageKind of a special room – there’s a shower and basin but no toilet. This isn’t bad at all coz there are three toilets near by. It’s got loads of bookshelf space above the built-in huge desk. Power sockets are plenty and well positioned. You also get a fridge, a comfy chair, a desk chair and a coffee table, which I think is too much furniture for this small room. The wardrobe is not huge, but girls like me still find it okay. There are loads of drawer space you can use below your desk though. The room faces the yard so noise and pollution from Longwall St is not a problem; and being on the top floor means that you can also get some view of New College’s city wall and the dreaming spires in Oxford (well, just manage to see them, but this is always better than facing a wall/ rooms in the opposite building which would be the case if you are one floor below…) Another plus points are: nice kitchen and laundry room in the same building; good natural light; modern classy entrance. yesnono
27No Image2nd floor room with shower and basin but no toilet, there's a toilet on the same floor though. Faces away from Longwall street into yard. Gets very hot in the summer, but nice and toasty in the winter. Massive desk.yesnoyes