58a High St.

number  image    descriptionbasinreceptionbathroomnotes
1No Imagenonono
2No Imagekimberleees room, soon to be dumas'nonono
3No Imagenonono
4No Imagenonono
5No ImageThis room is unusual, in that it is technically a set. However, this is due to the unbelievably small size of both rooms, meaning that the study area is upstairs from the bedroom. This can become annoying, going out of a room each time you leave something in the other, but the study has a really nice feel to it and is at the top of the house so provides a good view of the length of the High Street. Some traffic noise as both rooms face onto the road. The bathroom is next to the bedroom which is useful. The lack of a basin is a little annoying and there is no mirror. Normally at the lower end of the second year ballot, it is in 58a so has a nice feeling as a house.nonono
6No Image2 rooms on seperate floorsyesyesno
7No ImagenononoVery large for a (usually) 2nd year room. Lots of storage (particularly cupboards and shelves - An entire 5m long wall...) Big desk as well! Buses shake the room though...
8No Imageyesnoyes
9No Imageyesnoyes
10No ImageA single room only, but quite large (larger than the average Waynflete room). Disadvantages: lots of stairs, low ceiling, and noise from roadworks (if there are any), no sink. Advantages: lots of light, south facing, interesting beams on the ceiling, LOTS of storage space, handy flat roof for pouring tea dregs onto. Generally v pleasant and quite characterful. The kitchen is good, and you'll only share it with 5 other people. The desk is huge. nononosee above