New Buildings 4

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3Clavinova (Music room) Great New Buildings set, one of the biggest, on the first floor.yesyesnoSeriously funky, huge front room, with fairly new comfy armchair and sofa, great fireplace, big dining-style table as well as desk. Faces the deer (you'll never realise quite how entertaining they are until you've watched them every day), but it is quite dark, you will need to provide some lamps of your own if you don't want to live in semi-darkness every evening. Bedroom is average size, good storage space in the bedroom although only one cupboard in the main room. Right next to the shower and toilet - you can hear the shower when it's on, but not the people in it. music room
4Clavinovayesyesno music room
5Piano Roomyesyesno music room
6This single room, which overlooks the deer park, can be a bit dark since it's north facing, but that's about the only bad thing about it! It's panelled and has been recently painted with a (cleanish) carpet. It's surprisingly warm and fairly quiet, on the same foor as the shower and loo, and the ONLY (huge)bath in the building is on the floor above, the kitchen's a bit of a trek up to the attics two floors up. It's got a sink in a cupboard (go figure?), built in bookshelf, decent sized wardrobe and lots of storage, desk and table, fireplace, though the surround looks a bit like a marble grave stone...and funky shutters at the windows. Best bit is that you can chuck all your stale bread out the window to feed the deer! yesnono
7A really nice room. Enormous, with a nice new carpet, loads of comfy sofas and chairs. And a walk-in wardrobe, which means the room never needs to become cluttered with old cloathes. It is also surprisingly warm as the rediators work well. Decoration is in pretty good nick, although it could probably do with a fresh coat of paint. Lots of plug sockets which are well positioned around the room. The other good thing about the room is that, because it is wood panelled, it is very well sound proofed, so you probably wont annoy your neighbours by playing loud music all day long and vice-versa.The only real problem with this otherwise ideal room is that it is north facing and consequently is fairly dark all day long. But there are lots of lights, so its not too bad. yesyesno
8Two good sized rooms, quiet (not directly onto staircase), beautiful South facing view over NB lawns (and lots of sun in the summer), next to the bathroom. yesyesno