Grove D 2

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3This is a spacous room, laid out in the same way as most Grove rooms. It has an attractive fireplace, ethernet, external and internal telephone, fridge, and en suite. This is a ground floor room, which I consider an advantage. One problem is that there is a large tree outside the window, which can make the room much darker than most Grove rooms, which are a bit dim anyway due to the "soft" lighting. Another downside is that the heating is triggered by a movement sensor, so it can be chilly for sitting at a desk all day. So bring plenty of desk lamps and an electric heater! There is also a chronic lack of storage space everywhere in Grove. However, the view of the deer park is lovely and the room is very comfortable once you've got it to your satisfaction. yesnoyes
5Better light than many of the Grove rooms. Great view of deer park and ancient trees. This room has the added advantage of an ornamental dummy fireplace so that you can, er, look at it. Quite a compact cosy ensuite room with all the usual connections and grove solid timber furniture. Top notch. yesnoyes
6 This room is situated on the first floor overlooking the deer park. Like all Grove rooms it has very nice wooden furniture and a shower. There is also a mini-bar fridge for which there is a nominal termly charge included on batells. There are ethernet and telephone points. A point to note about telephones is that they operate slightly differently from the rest of college. You have to provide your own phone and pay a one-off connection charge of £10 and then monthly line-rental at £8. It is connected to the uni network so you can still call all your friends for free. Perks: *Room has good view overlooking the deer park and New Buildings (But there is a tree outside the window which can block quite a bit of the view when has leaves. It can also obscure light entering the room) *Mock fireplace *Excellent shower *The kitchen in the next staircase has excellent facilities (two sinks, two cookers with oven, two fridges and two separate freezers). Cons *Having to empty your room completely at the end of term due to conference commitments. *Storage on a day to day basis is a bit of a problem. There is only one bookcase and this is not enough to house all that work that you accumulate by the third years! *All grove rooms tend to seem quite dark because of the wooden furniture so you may want extra lights as the main light has an energy savinglight bulb which takes ages to get bright. yesnoyes
8This is a really good room if you own a few lamps... yep, the energy-saving bulbs will probably cost you a bob or two in eye-tests and glasses. The view isn't wonderful (the auditorium wall and a bit of Grove A) but this does mean you don't get many people staring into your room - and the wall is a good distance away. In Trinity term especially, the room is quite light. Oh, and I have a sofa this year which may still be around next year: most Grove rooms don't have one.yesnoyesReally good! Heated, great shower (very powerful now that maintenance have fixed the plumbing in Grove D) and I couldn't live without it...
9yesnoyesGood room. Quite big, it could do with more furniture really. Lovely scout. One window doesn't quite shut. If you get the bathroom floor wet getting out of the shower it'll stay wet for a little while as the drain isn't exactly in the lowest part of the floor. The window doesn't support the size of the room so it's pretty dark. The deer are very noisy at times, mostly at night. One wonders what they're doing. Also you have to be tall enough to reach the top of the window in the bathroom if you want the blind to behave, probably minimum 5'9. Movement sensor activated heating means it's freezing in the morning. Think that's about it. Not sure the dimensions are correct either, but I'm not about to measure it.
10In my opinion, one of the best rooms in college; certainly top 5. It is extremely spacious, with thick walls for that all-important sense of privacy. It has a generously sized en suite bathroom (shower, sink, and toilet) with a view of the deer park cunningly arranged so that there are no modern buildings at all visible. The furniture is in excellent condition, with space for whatever else you wish to bring with you. And there is already a fridge. Plus, the kitchens in Grove are huge and well-appointed. Downsides: There is not a huge amount of natural light, so it can seem a bit dingy, and althought the view out the back is nice the same cannot be said for the front (which is basically a view of the auditorium wall). Also, there is no chance at all of being able to keep the room during the vacation, since it is one of the very first to be used for conferences or interviews.yesnoyes