New Buildings Attic

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2Light: dismal as per all top corridor, but there are enough electric lights to compensate View: Very attractive view of limestone wall! VERY quiet indeed Top Corridor has a good kitchen, nice showers etc but this is a bit farther from the kitchen than would be ideal. Not enough cupboards/shelves for those with lots of cooking stuff Not very sociable at all because off the end of the corridor. yesyesno
3No ImageThis a set with two reasonably sized rooms. They are cosy. There is a sink and mirror, loads of cupboards and two desks. As with all rooms up here there is no view but a lot of light due to windows and skylights. It is near a kitchen - but you have to go through 5 doors to get to it - opposite a toilet and a bath, which never runs out of hot water. It is nice and quiet, but the boilers can be quite vocal. The downside is the fact it is up 82 steps but it is in a gorgeous building and there are washing facilities downstairs. One to consider especially if you are low on the ballot and cannot face a pokey Swithuns room. Ethernet and phone connections are fine. Heating good. The doors have latches, which you can lock open if you want, but if you're a bit dozy you will doubtless accidently lock yourself out, and it's a long way to the Plodge at 3am in your pjs. yesyesnoThis is blatantly the best thing about this room, since it means you can have people round without them seeing your bed. Which is nice.
5My room is invariably one of the last to go in college, but is nevertheless pretty OK. It's very cosy, is immaculately decorated (if any rooms in college match that description) and has loads of storage space. Plenty of bathrooms on the corridor too. BUT... the corridor is RIDICULOUSLY dead; it's about as happening as Azkaban Prison (ref. Harry Potter) and you'll be lucky if you bump into someone once a month. Note also the trek up and down the stairs, which are a trial at the best of times but a compelte nightmare if you reach the bottom and remember you've forgotten something. Oh, and don't think you'll be compensated by an amazing view; there's a wall right outside the windows. Don't get too put off however; I have spent many a happy hour in this splendid isolation tank, learning about the 'inner-me'. It is one of the better single-roomed NBA abodes and is still about a billion times better than the Wayneflete. yesnono
6Sadly, potential for roof access (the one redeeming feature of this room) has been removed.yesnono
7This room is light and airy (although thanks to the bars on the windows you can't open them very far); the skylight makes up somewhat for the fact that because of the paraphet there is no proper view out. The vaguely red/cream colour scheme works reasonably well. Having a such a lot of floor space is useful but my only reservation is that the room as a whole can seem quite bare and angular - mainly because of the large expanses of wall - and needs a lot of decorating to look homely. Otherwise - this room is equidistant between two bathrooms, one of which contains an excellent (for Magdalen) shower, and is also close to the kitchen.yesyesnoLarge: almost too much space and a settee or something similar would be nice; there is a standard lamp at the moment, however. A good-sized desk and table and various other bits of furniture. The radiators are fine although the building as a whole is warm and I don't use them very often.Small, with a medium-sized wardrobe with compartments which can be used to store things but cannot be locked. Roomy chest of drawers. Again, fairly light.
9Spacious single room. Quite warm and has decent furniture (including two large desks) but no sofa. Also has little natural light and a small sink area.yesnono
10The room is spacious although not very deep. The set consists of a small bedroom and a long living room including a desk and two large armchairs, which is nice for having conversations with friends, although the huge numbers of stairs one has to climb to reach the top of New Buildings means that not many people are likely to come visiting. Its good however if you like tranquility, as the walls are also quite thick and the corridor is generally quiet. Three large south facing windows let in quite a lot of light, but a totally spurious low wall around the top of the building blocks what would otherwise be a great view of Cloisters and the tower, which is a great shame. Facilities arent bad, the corridor has powerful showers and a single bath, and one of the only two kitchens in the building is close by, although it is heavily used. A nice room overall. yesyesno
11No ImageThis is a sweet little room that is quite comfortable to live in -cosy and all that! I got this room at 14th from bottom on the 1st year ballot, and it was a steal. The stairs can be a nuisance but you'll get used to it and it'll keep you fit. Anyway, nothing ever happens up here; it's all really quiet and that is fine if you're into work but all social animals might be better off somewhere else. Not a room with a view (very attractive wall, mind) but reasonably light and airy. On the plus side, attractive sloping walls and lots of storage space; on the down side, the bed is a bit wobbly and unstable, there aren't enough sockets, and you can hear everything going on in the corridor, but apart from that it's cool. yesnono
12Firstly, this is not a set (unlike some other rooms on the top corridor), but the room is of decent size and has a sloping ceiling. It has a sink, bags of cupboard space (including a closet ideal for storing large items) and is ten paces away from a good quality kitchen and bathroom (with power showers!). If you happen to be 6ft tall, you can catch a glimpse of the deer park and (occasionally) the deer from one of the two North-facing windows. All of which more than makes up for the fact that the room is situated at the top of 80-odd steps. _______________________________________ This is a pretty good room for those near the lower end of the ballot, as long as you don't mind stairs. It is very quiet and has two biggish windows, although since it faces North it can sometimes be a bit gloomy. If you stand on the bed you can see the deer. Facilities are generally excellent: one of the best kitchens in college and a good few showers in the vicinity. Overall, a comfortable if unexciting room, of a reasonable size, and you'll have fantastic thighs by the end of the year.yesnono
13Surprisingly sizable room. Reasonable storage. Very good communal facilities. No view, but a great deal of light from the three large windows.'One of the smaller rooms in the Attics, and not a set, but good because very very quiet. No storage space, but big wardrobe, and lots of light in the room (though bring your own extra plugs because it's not got many at all). The only real problem is the odd noises you hear, because of how quiet it is otherwise - squeaking in the ceiling and whistling wind etc., which can be pretty freaky late at night. Close to one of bigger kitchens in college, but not the most desirable room up here (go for room 2, 15 or 16, which are on the ends so huge)' yesnono
14A comfortable double, directly opposite the shower and WC. The furniture is unimpressive overall, but there is a large armchair and two (!) coffee tables, as well as a total of 3 chairs. The bedroom has the disadvantage of having the bed poisitioned head to the radiator-- one can either choose to turn off the heat there permanently or a reverse sleeping position, as the bed cannot be moved. When the sun shines, it is very light, but in more dreary weather the electric lights have to go on early-- presumably the case with all of the Attic rooms because of the balustrade. There is a fridge and plenty of closet/drawer space. Bookshelf provision is less generous, but there is enough space within the room to pile books on the floor. Highly recommended overall if you've got some nice fabric to throw on the chairs and some decorating ideas." yesyesno
16For an attic, this room is quite light with two windows in each room (as opposed to sky lights, which are in the other attics). It is really peaceful, with no traffic noise, or disturbance from the corridor beause, at present, I have no immediate neighbours and the numerous fire doors act as a noise barrier. The only disadvantages are the hundreds of stairs and one kitchen between 16... Which become a bit of a health hazard at times, and fridge space can be limited! yesyesno