JCR Committee

The JCR Committee is there to represent the interests of all the undergraduate students of Magdalen College. We meet weekly to discuss topics that have come up and to prepare motions for the biweekly general meetings (GM). The minutes of the committee meetings and the general meetings can be found in our internal section by current member of our JCR.

According to our constitution, all roles not filled will be assumed by the Vice President by default.

President: Madeleine Blackburn

Vice-President: Om Muthukumar

Secretary: Aaron McIntyre

Treasurer: James Melia

Welfare Team: Christie Vernon (Exec), Archie Fraser, Shian-Li Kelly-Williams

Women’s Officer: Ella Kenny

Entz Team: Isla Campbell (Exec), InChan Yang, Toby Olorenshaw, Emmanuelle Gelain-Sohn

Access and Admissions Trustee: Jessica Tunks

Freshers Reps: Sophie Lyne (Exec), Michael Daly, David Moisob, Katherine Graddy, Carissa Pham

Charities Team: Alexia Lowe (Exec), Katharine Beverley, Catherine Brewer

OKB and Facilities: Anthony Vakis, Esele Okondo, Henry Kay

Oscar d’Tortoise: Sean Mata

Academic Affairs: Rawdah Uddin

Publications: Artemis Ffytche (Exec), Annabel Kay

Catering: Helen Edwards, Joe Rafique, Freja Buchanan

Environment & Ethics: Elizabeth Klingaman (Exec), Ferdinand Castera

LGBTQ: Morwenna Stinchcombe

Trans Rep: TBC

Socioeconomic Rep: Hasan Al-Sattar

International Students Rep: Anna Hashimoto

Arts Curator: Viktor Riha

Arts & Photography Rep: Louis Rush

Computer Trustee: TBC

Independent Chair: Sasha Walker

Intermitted Students’ Rep: N/A

Sports Rep: Annabelle Bath, Elliot Wood

Punt Reps / Naval Officers: Ellie Welbourn, Isaac Rushworth

Disabled Students Officer: TBC

Faith Officer: Jonathan Taylor

RAEM Officer: Anita Okunde

Stanford Rep: TBC

Social Secretary: William Harris

President: Daniel Dipper

Vice-President: Henry Kay

Secretary: Ciaron Tobin

Treasurer: Julian Müller

Welfare Team: Marianna Galucci, Kate Bunn, Raoul Pullela

Access and Admissions Trustee: Thamima Choudhury

Entz Team: Ollie Simonetti, Ruby Ellis, Alex Kenningham, Esele Okondo, Violet Trevelyan-Clark

Charities Team: Katie Sheehy, Isabella Diaz Pascual

Quartermasters: Alistair Witheford, Annabel Kay, Artemis Ffytche

Freshers Reps: Madeleine Blackburn, Dylan John, Holly Passant, Jess Tunks, Anthony Vakis

Oscar d’Tortoise: George Eustace

Womens Officer: Tami Olusanya

Academic Affairs: Dominic McGinley

Publications: Esther Coomber, Grace Martineu

Facilities: N/A

Catering: N/A

OKB Rep: Owen Douglas, Kit Macey

Environment & Ethics: Pragna Challapalli

LGBTQ: Sasha Walker

Trans Rep: Alex McDermott-Roberts

Socioeconomic Rep: Reanna Bowen

Arts Curator: Kaamila Kaba, Selena Wang

Arts & Photography Rep: Amelie Rock

Computer Trustee: N/A

Independent Chair: Tymoteusz Syrytczyk

Intermitted Students’ Rep: N/A

Sports Rep: N/A

Punt Reps / Naval Officers: Ellie Welbourn, Isaac Rushworth

Disabled Students Officer: Anna Lappin, Laura Norris

Faith Officer: Rafiah Niha, Beheshta Harghandiwal

RAEM Officer: Sarah Akintunde, Meesha Nathan-Stoute

Stanford Rep: Matthew Burton, Heidi Cooke

President: Svenja Helmold

Vice-President: Sonya Ribner

Secretary: Daniel Dipper

Treasurer: Paul Renger

Welfare Team: Laura McBride, George Goodhart, Sarah Large

Access and Admissions Trustee: Erica Barnes

Entz Team: Martha Hathaway, Parth Agarwal, Agnus Barrett, Thamima Choudhury, Christopher Conway, Chloe Dick, Matthew Burton

Charities Team: Bozena Fanner-Brzezina, Cailley Factor, Eleanor Gilbert

Quartermasters: N/A

Freshers Reps: Matthew Lees, Fatmeh Akbarpoor, Emeric Claudiu, Aimee Cousins, Laura Norris

Oscar d’Tortoise: Selena Wang

Womens Officer: Ella Whittaker

Academic Affairs: Dominic McGinley

Publications: N/A

Facilities: N/A

Catering: N/A

OKB Rep: Charles Hewes, Manon Lachmann

Environment & Ethics: Aurianne Swannell, Lilli Emery

LGBTQ: Annabel Chantry

Trans Rep: Alex McDermott-Roberts

Socioeconomic Rep: Luca Geary

Arts Curator: Anvee Bhutani

Arts & Photography Rep: Paul Majek

Computer Trustee: N/A

Independent Chair: Heidi Cooke

Intermitted Students’ Rep: N/A

Sports Rep: Dilpreet Bahia

Punt Reps / Naval Officers: Adam Millard, Joe Malinsky, Daniel Dalland

President: Daisy Jowers

Vice-President: Max Cloud

Secretary: Adam Millard

Treasurer: Jackson Asaro

Welfare Team: Ellie Redpath, Mattie Hayes, Catrin Williams

Access and Admissions Trustee: Eve McMullen

Entz Team: Svenja Helmold, Matthew Burton, Angus Barret, Manon Lachmann, Path Agarwal

Charities Team: Ruby Vesey, George Rushton, Beth Plant

Quartermasters: Orla McCoy, Florence Davies

Freshers Reps: Jessica Harborne, Mihir Rajamane, Anvee Bhutani, Brandon Abreu Smith, Sushrut Royyuru

Oscar d’Tortoise: Ben Kaye

Womens Officer: Sophie Littlewood

Academic Affairs: Adam Norton-Steele, Joe Baden-Powell

Publications: Martin Cudden

Facilities: Lachlan Fielding

Catering: Alex Billing, Ben Kirwan

Environment & Ethics: Max Buckley

LGBTQ: Bailey Finch-Robson, Heather Woods

Arts Rep: 

Photography Rep:

Computer Trustee: Paul Renger

Independent Chair: Tom Farmer

Intermitted Students’ Rep: Nicholas Kuenstler

Sports Rep: Dilpreet Bahia

Punt Reps / Naval Officers: Adam Millard, Joe Malinsky, Daniel Dalland